Saturday, 13 January 2018

An Author's Life


    My post is a little later than I had wanted it to be. But, hey! 'Asi es la vida!' The thing is I've been really busy. I've been preparing some questions for some impending author interviews and a book publicist who is going to give us an insight into her world. As well as my regular blog and of course pending books. Yes, it's a busy 'author's life.'

    In a few weeks time I'm going to be guest speaker at two Burns suppers in the Canary Islands. That is, suppers celebrating the life and works of the great, yet unofficial poet of Scotland, Robert Burns.

    I've been doing this for charity the last couple of years and it doesn't really matter how often I do it, the old butterflies take over my tummy. I've been preparing my 'Immortal Memory' toast to the  bard and although I may be speaking to a different audience this year, I do like to keep it fresh. Saves me boring my friends and myself to death.

    That's an update into my world to date and I will let you know how my supper evenings go in future posts. Have a fabulous weekend guys.

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