Saturday, 30 March 2013

Meet a Friend

    I was pleased this week to receive an invitation from an author friend of mine, Aron Joice, to do a Q & A feature for her blog. This is a first time for me as I'm a Q & A, virgin so to speak and I'm truly grateful to her for the invite.

    My book 'Salvation,No Kissing Required' will be released by, Featherweight Press within the next couple of months, so it's a wonderful opportunity for me.

    I've only been using social media for approximately six months, and in that time it has never ceased to amaze me the number of wonderful, warm generous friends I have made.

    I want you to hop over to Aron's not only to read my Q &A session on 3rd April, but take a look at her wonderful blog and follow her on Twitter      

Monday, 25 March 2013

Course Work

    Many years ago I completed a creative writing course. Initially, I couldn't see the point of writing short non fiction pieces when I wanted to write a novel. But as the course progressed the mist cleared,although each section wasn't without its challenges things did fall into place.

    But, the course itself taught me that there was more to writing than just having a good idea. From sections in developing style, writing for magazines, to plotting novels. Personally, I found the course worthwhile.

   How do you feel about creative writing courses?





Friday, 22 March 2013

The Importance of Being Fantastical

    Because I write fantasy I want the reader to envisage in their mind's eye the fantastical beings I create, vividly. 

    Yes, the plot is important to me, as are my characters. But, I want the reader to join me in my fantasy world. Visit the places I do and see the world my way. 

    I realise that each and every one of us see things differently, however I believe it's my job to write what I see in my minds eye, and put it down on paper.

   What's important to you as a reader, or a writer of fiction?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Time Out

    Watching TV isn't something I make a habit of. Because like many writers I spend many an hour, or two reading and dreaming up other stories. But, there are times when I want to chill out for a couple of hours.

    Now, yesterday was one of those days and my partner was delighted when I decided to join him on the sofa to watch TV. What he didn't realise was that I had chosen our viewing for the next hour and a half. So, when the movie hit the screen, I heard a sigh in my ear.

    The sigh, was a sigh of disappointment, Why? Because the film wasn't a thriller, or a western, it was a Rom-Com. Did I enjoy the movie? Yes. Did my partner? No because he didn't hang a round to watch it.


Friday, 15 March 2013

The Voice

    Some of you may have watched the vocal competition called, The Voice, on TV. The aim of this programme is to discover new singing talent. The show is now so popular that it has been franchised throughout the world. The panel, who consist of some of the biggest names in music, also mentor the acts through to the final stages.

    The gimmick of the show is that the initial auditions are held blind. By this I mean that the panel cannot see the acts, they can only listen to the acts sing. The reason being that at this stage the contestants go through to the next qualifying round, solely on the merit and originality of their voice.

    This is where I stop trying to boost the viewing figures for this programme. I want to focus on one word and that word is, voice. It's a word that as writers we are familiar with. It's a word that is used to describe an author's writing style. But just as the competitors in the TV programme I mentioned need to make their performance their own, so do writers.

    If we try to write in the same style as another author, the style is not our own. Whether the author is on the best seller list, originality for me is a key factor in good writing. What do you think?


Monday, 11 March 2013

Duvet Days

     I've had a few duvet days this last week, and I'm afraid my appetite for writing as well as food has been somewhat quashed.  Therefore in both cases I'm getting back to normal in bite size pieces.
     After a couple of days in bed I wanted to fill my lungs with some good clean fresh air, so my husband and I went for a walk.  But quickly I found out that I was taking giant steps instead of baby steps.  I'm certainly not the fittest person, but I had definitely bitten off more than I could chew. I looked with envy as the joggers ran by me. Although it's a long time since I've jogged, that's for sure. Sick, or not I always look at joggers with envy.

    So that's why my post is on the short side today, and normal service will resume Friday.  Thanks for hanging around. Have a great week. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

How Do You Feel About Edgy YA?

    Sex, drugs, swearing and violence are things that many of us, class as edgy content within YA. I personally have no objections to any of this in a novel, or short story, as long as it's relevant to the plot.

    All of these things, are part of our everyday lives and growing up. We don't live in a bubble, that bursts when we come of age. To make our choices and decisions in life we need to be exposed to the reality of this crazy, crazy world.

    That's my opinion what's yours?