Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Power of Storytelling


    Friday past, it was time for me to visit hospital once again. Seven weeks have passed since I fractured my ankle and I had no idea what was in store, meaning I was rather anxious.

    Initially, on my arrival I was sent for a couple of x-rays. They would give the consultant all the information she needed to hopefully set me free of my cast.

    The orthopaedic clinic, waiting-room was jam-packed with  people of all ages, from schoolboys to great-grandparents. Their injuries varied from fractured ankles, legs, wrists, spines and ruptured knees.

   Long waiting times at these out-patient clinics are to be expected and the strangers you find yourself sitting beside, or opposite can easily become short-term acquaintances.

    Friday was no different and a chap fitted with a back brace was the first to break the uncomfortable silence. For the next two hours stories were exchanged of how injuries occurred. Some of the stories were on the tall side and laughs were raised. Others, were possibly too graphic and gasps of astonishment reverberated around the room.

    The thing that was clearly obvious was that the power of storytelling brings people together, whatever misfortune they are faced with.


Cast off and this boot is made for walking! Yippee!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Snow Moon

    Tomorrow, February 19, many of our skies will be lit up by a full moon (snow). I'm featuring a poem today by New Englander poet, James Russell Lowell, because his words conjure up instantly a picture in my head of me sitting alone, looking up into a starry sky, dominated by a full moon.


The moon shines white and silent
On the mist, which, like a tide
Of some enchanted ocean
Over the wide marsh doth glide
Spreading its ghost-like billows
Silently far and wide

A vague and starry magic
Make all things mysteries
And lures the earth's dumb spirit
Up to the longing skies
I seem to hear dim whispers
And tremulous replies

The fireflies over the meadow
In pulses come and go
The elm-tree's heavy shadow
Weighs on the grass below
And faintly from the distance
The dreaming cock doth crow

All things look strange and mystic
The very bushes swell
And take wild shapes and motions
As if beneath a spell
They seem not the same lilacs
From childhood known so well

The snow of deepest silence
Over everything doth fall
So beautiful and quiet
And yet  so like a pall
As if all life were ended
And rest were come to all

O wild and wondrous midnight
There is a might in thee
To make the charmed body
Almost like spirit be
And give it some faint glimpses
Of immortality

James Russell Lowell 1819-1891

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Diminishing Bug

    Insects, love them, or hate them, are important to the world we live in. An analysis found that 40% of the insect world are decreasing and many are now endangered.

    Butterfly numbers for example have shrunk by 58% in England and the buzzing bumblebee has literally buzzed off, their population halving in areas of the US in the last 64 years. Changing how we farm, grow our food and even keep our gardens impacts these necessary creatures.

    In the last week, after a short illness a former neighbour and friend of mine sadly passed away and I could not help but think of her when I read about this global tragedy.

    Her garden was a haven for the insect world. She thought through every year before planting her flowers and shrubs. Not only thinking about the design, but the effect of replacing, and replanting would have on the bug population and soil condition of her beloved garden.

    We all need to take responsibility for the world we live in because it's not someone else's problem it's a problem shared by each and everyone of us.


Friday, 8 February 2019

Stirring Thoughts

    I watched a movie yesterday. In fact it was one of several. Okay, movies are my guilty pleasure since becoming a bed potato.  The title of the film is totally irrelevant and to be honest it's not a movie I'm liable to recommend, write a rave review about, or even remember about next week.

    However, what I did like about it was the underlying message, that I took from it. The message being that sometimes after  being with someone for a long number of years we actually forget why we got together in the first place.

    So as St Valentines day is approaching fast, here is one of my poems that reminds me of why I'm with my significant other.

      Weekend hugs to you all. xx

Today and Forever

I feel your touch and my skin burns
Filling me with excitement and delight

Your lips upon mine send tingling through my body
Like nothing I have ever felt before

The love you and I express, I know is real
A love that we can share today and forever

Christina Rowell

Monday, 4 February 2019

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

    The year that has already begun on January 1st, I've decided as it didn't start too well for me it was just a preliminary for the year that is beginning tomorrow. That means the bit of bad luck that I encountered four weeks ago is last years news.

    It is both the start of a new lunar year and more importantly for 20% of the World's population, Tuesday, February the 5th is the start of a brand new year.

    Each year of the Chinese calendar is symbolised by an animal and this year it is the year of the pig an animal which has a fabulous personality and is blessed with good fortune in its life. Coincidentally, or not  I was desperately needing something to attract my partners attention when I'm in need of help and the little guy pictured above is what hubby brought home from the supermarket the other day.

    I just squeeze his little pink squidgy body and he lets out a great big honk. (The pig I mean and not my husband.) Confined to sitting on my butt all day means I need lots of help and of course sustenance. Although I think I will give the dumplings which is traditional for the Chinese to consume in abundance at this time of year. Otherwise, I'll be rolling around rather than hopping.

    Have a fabulous week guys and a Happy New Year, Gong hei fat choy!

Friday, 1 February 2019

Before and After!

        Normally, before writing any blog post I search through my stock of photos to check if I have a picture, or pictures I can use. If there is nothing that I feel is right, on many occasions I get the camera out and start clicking. Today was no different, other than being confined to bed.

    The question I put to myself  was, did I dare to bare and show myself in my true light, or should I fix up my selfie using my Photoshop app?

    No, there was no need, I would show you a before and after. Yes, that's it the. Before, being the plaster cast applied to my ankle following my recent op and the After,  following my check-up on Wednesday. Stitches removed, new colourful cast. Looking good to go.

    Have a terrific weekend guys. Hugs xx