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Meet Author Aaron Brinker


    In this month's 'Author Spotlight' feature I'm happy to introduce you to US, indie author and writer of multiple genre fiction, Aaron Brinker. I was introduced to Aaron like many of my fellow author friends via the virtual world and I am delighted to have connected with him.


  • Aaron, what took you on the path of writing fiction in multiple genres?
          Life, literature, and film were my main influences into writing multiple genres. I grew up loving horror movies, as well as movies and shows with dragons and other fantastical beasts. Some of the books I read growing up were, A Wrinkle In Time, Where the Red fern Grows, and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
          I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and worked for Juvenile Corrections for four years and this is where my interest in potential crime thrillers originates. I also hold a Bachelor's in General Studies with minors in History and English Literature.

  • You have written both short-stories and a book for publication to date. For those thinking of writing for publication, what made you take the plunge?
          What pushed me into writing for publication was due to a professor in college. My English Composition professor pulled me to the side one day after I let him read some poetry I had written on a downward spiral. He asked me in which area of study I was majoring in, at the time it was history.
          He told me whatever course I chose, I needed to write, because I had a huge amount of potential. Since then, I have been pursuing writing for publication. I was taking care of an ill parent during  that time as well and I was not able to work due to the level of my father's care, so I started  pursuing it for extra income while caring for him.
  • Is your writing aimed at an adult only audience?
         Mane of Redemption, is currently my only story that is directed for younger readers. The Narrative of Benjamin White, could be read by younger audiences, but there are a few scenes that are graphic. Second Chances and Regaining Power are definitely written with adult audiences in mind.

  • The first short-story you published 'Regaining Power' I know contains scenes of domestic violence. What made you choose to write about this sensitive subject?
          Strangely enough, Regaining Power's overabundance of domestic violence was a spur of the moment creative decision. Granted, it stems from the Criminal Justice background. It started as an entry for a competition. I ended up not completing the story by the deadline. The premise of the story was supposed to be something that happened in a dark room.
         I automatically thought of a basement, followed by the usual cliche of a murder happening in the basement. From there it just went darker and darker. I finally ended up with a woman torturing and murdering her abusive husband to get free of abuse. For those who have yet to read it, I thought of another dark twist that brings it all too close to the dark reality that often happens in domestic violence situations.

  • We know that writing short-stories can help a writer develop their writing skills. Did you find that writing and publishing your short-stories before your novel helped you in any way?
          Publishing my short-stories before my novella helped in the sense it gave me more insight in the editing process. Second Chances, was completed at least before The Narrative of Benjamin White and Mane of Redemption were started. Every time I went back for another round of edits to Second Chances, I would catch something that I had not known before finishing the other two stories.

  • The final question I have for you Aaron is one I'm sure my readers would like me to ask. What are you working on at present and will we get a chance to read it in the very near future?
         My current WIP is the story following, Mane of Redemption. I am possibly going to try and get it traditionally published. There are many other stories, that I have on my to do list. One of these (crime thriller) I am dreading in the sense that I'm  sure it will give me issues sleeping at night. I have been thinking about it quite a bit today on whether, or not I should make it first in a series, or standalone.

    Thanks Aaron, for taking the time to answer my questions, so frankly and honestly. Readers click on the links below to find out more about Aaron and where to buy his books.


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