Monday, 5 March 2018

At Sunset

   It never ceases to amaze me as to how many great poets and writers did not receive any formal education in their early years. However, a love of reading, a hunger for words and a passion for life goes a long way.

    One such poet was Canadian writer and performer, Emily Pauline Johnson and I wanted to share one of her poems with you today. Being a woman and from a culturally diverse background, I'm sure it wasn't easy to gain recognition in the 19th century, however her words speak for themselves.

    At Sunset

Tonight the west over-brims with warmest dyes
Its chalice overflows
With pools of purple colouring the skies
Aflood with gold and rose
And some hot soul seems throbbing close to mine
As sinks the sun within that world of wine

I seem to hear a bar of music float
And swoon into the west
My ear can scarcely catch the whispered note
But something in my breast
Blends with that strain, till both accord in one
As cloud and colour at set of sun

And twilight comes with grey and restful eyes
As ashes follow flame
But O! I heard a voice from those rich skies
Call tenderly my name
It was as if some priestly fingers stole
In benedictions over my lonely soul

I know not why, but all my being longed
And leapt at that sweet call
My heart outreached its arms, all passion thronged
And beat against fate's wall
Crying in utter homesickness to be
Near to a heart that loves and leans to me
At sunset

Emily Pauline Johnson

 Collections of poems by Emily Pauline Johnson can be found on Amazon and throughout the web.


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