Monday, 19 March 2018

Celebrating Poetry


    Fear, anxiety, happiness, anticipation, sympathy, excitement, surprise, guilt, anger, and sorrow are all emotions that humans share.

    Whether we live in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, or Antarctica, we express our feelings and the questions that we experience in our lives in all sorts of ways.

    Encouraging our children to communicate their emotions in any artistic form, is important in their human development. There is nothing more delightful than listening to kids singing. Or, your son, daughter, niece, nephew giving you a picture drawn in crayon, they did especially for you. Your heart is ready to burst with the pleasure you feel.

    Another such way for us all to demonstrate our thoughts and emotions is in writing poetry. UNESCO recognised the importance of poetry in our cultural identities and adopted March 21 as 'World Poetry Day' during their conference in 1999.

    Now, each year this is a day in which we can all come together to celebrate the art of poetry. A celebration I want to join. As poetry, I believe is one of the most fantastic ways to orally express ourselves.

    I want to honour this special day and the first day of spring with you today, therefore I've included one of my poems from my book poetry, In Deep. The book you can also download free with your Kindle app from March 20 until March 25.


    Mother nature yawns and opens her eyes,
she can at last silence her yearning sighs.
    It's time to sow her seed.
She's sent out her invitations,
 to join her in March madness to breed.
    Winter should now cease venting its wroth,
as the sun has started its journey moving north.
   Today the hours of light,
equal that of the hours of night.
The sun has crossed the equinoctial line,
and we now move into springtime.
 Hopefully saying "goodbye" to the chilly winds,
that cut like a knife.
The warmth that the sun bestows,
helping to nurture the gift that is known as life.

        Happy reading 'World Poetry Day 2018' and Happy Spring!

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