Thursday, 8 March 2018

I'm a Barbie Girl


    I was brought up with the Barbie doll and today she is fifty-nine years young. Sadly, she is no longer amongst the small collection of dolls I have. However, I don't hold it against her that she packed her bags and left long ago, in fact I still have a great admiration for her. While, the natural ageing process hasn't affected her in anyway, she is now a lady of a certain age, an age when she and all women should be respected for their life's achievements.

    Seriously though, as a kid I used to use  my large collection of dolls to act out the crazy stories that ran through my head and retell my own version of the epic films I saw my father watch on TV. For instance, I can remember on one occasion he agreed to me sitting on his knee to watch, the Land of the Pharaohs, directed by Howard Hawks. Something, I know he must have later regretted.

    Of course, there were conditions attached and number one on the list was that I had to promise to be quiet. Yes, I was an obedient kid and not a word was spoken by me until the final credits disappeared from the screen.

    Then, it was time for my leading lady, Barbie, to take to the stage. Or, centre top of the coffee table in the lounge, as it was. Barbie was taking up her biggest role yet, as Cypriot, Princess Nellifer, second wife of Pharaoh Khufu, played by Paul, Sindy's boyfriend.

     I adorned Barbie's hair with my mother's old earrings and hung bracelets around her neck. The building of Khufu's burial tomb was central to the plot of the story and as no tombs were available, a shoe-box had to suffice.

    Barbie had many costume changes and kisses from Paul. Sindy along with my other dolls, which came in all shapes sizes taking on the role of extras. Which in this film particularly, was a cast of thousands.

    My memory of the rest of my tale is vague, but I do remember I had great fun that day with my friend Barbie. Although, thinking back I do hope Paul wasn't cheating on Sindy with Barbie.

    Happy Birthday Barbie!

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