Friday, 23 March 2018

Virtual Tour

    In 2017 Scotland attracted 30 million tourists. Edinburgh Castle and The National Museum of Scotland each attracting 2 million visitors each.

    When we plan our vacations it can be difficult to decide what main cultural, or art attractions we want to include in our visit, especially if we only have two weeks to spend in our desired location.

    We trawl the Internet, read travel guide books for information and most importantly photographs of our planned destination.

    I am very rarely disappointed when I finally arrive at my holiday place. However I have been and that was many years ago before the Internet was around. That's why I think the use of virtual tours is a fantastic idea. While, there are many things the tour cannot capture, as in smells, pollution and noise, initially for most of us it's what our eyes see that grabs our interest.

    The National Museum of Scotland wants to do just that and is the first museum in Scotland to allow us to take a virtual tour. Having visited the museum on several occasions I can recommend it and it is a must if you are visiting Edinburgh. See for yourself via Google arts and Culture's Museum View.

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