Sunday, 28 June 2015


Feeling down in the dumps,

Because I'm thinking I'm going to fail.

But I always know you'll be supporting me all the way,

So for you I'll come up trumps.

Overwhelmed with sadness,

Sitting down and talking to you gets it into perspective.

Making me realise the thoughts I had were just madness.

Amigo, freund, ami, friend, I love you,

Because you always stick around.

With our friendship we are truly bound.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Unconventially Taxing

Tolbooth, Clackmannan, Scotland
    Paying taxes causes most of us to take a sharp intake of breath. I was wondering if we made our payments in quaint buildings if it would lessen the pain? Probably not.

    I've included pictures of two buildings dating back a couple of hundred years that were used for that purpose amongst other things, which I find kind of cute.

Tolbooth, Dunbar, Scotland

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Midsummer Celebrations

    The Summer Solstice is here, whether we call the celebration Litha, St John's Day, or the Festival of San Juan, it doesn't matter.The superstitions and myths add to the celebration of the day with the longest number of daylight hours in summer.

    Which means to me, more time to take in the beauty that surrounds me in my garden and public spaces. One special place is my 80 year old neighbour's garden which she tends with loving care and I've included some photographs so you can share the pleasure too.

    Have a great Summer Solstice, whatever you're doing.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Start Walking the Walk

    Governments, education departments and schools continually condemn bullying. However, in some of our schools the bully is being allowed to carry on doing what they do best and that is intimidate others.

    I hadn't really planned to write about this today, but recently I heard of a teenage boy who has been relentlessly bullied over the last few months. The school has seen video footage of him being attacked and acknowledge that there is a problem.

    But, instead of the guilty being disciplined, the school has said that it is better the boy (victim) move school. Why, so the bully can move on to someone new?

    Why talk the talk when there is no intention to walk the walk?


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dropping Anchor

Anstruther Harbour

    The stormy seas that surround Scotland have historically brought many seafarers to our shores when their ships have ran into trouble. Back in September 1588 as the Spanish Armada retreated north, following their defeat by the English Navy, they too were hampered by bad conditions.

Village of Anstruther
     Ships no longer seaworthy, lack of food and fresh water, meant that several ships dropped anchor and the sailors had to seek refuge on Scottish soil. The small Port of Anstruther, on the Firth of Forth, East Fife, is where some came ashore, choosing never to return to their native land.

    When I visited there the other day I could see why many of the Spanish sea-man settled here. The clear water and golden sand could easily be mistaken for a small fishing port in Spain, making it a home from home. Of course, I'm sure the beautiful Scottish senoritas had something to do with it too.

#Anstruther #Scotland #Spain #Spanish Armada

Thursday, 11 June 2015

End of School

The end of school term is drawing near,
We'll rally together and cheer.

The pencils are blunt and the pens have ran dry of ink,
No more cramming, or racking one's brain, straining to think.

A week long vacation with the family, maybe even two,
Meet up with friends, not all, just a like-minded crew.

We'll chat about the fun we had,
Pushing to the back of our minds, life's experiences that seemed bad.

The weeks will quickly disappear and some of our dreams will turn out to be pie in the sky,
Including the one, that the report was incorrectly defaced with the words, 'NEED TO TRY'.

#EndofSchool #poetry

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Good at Heart

    I'm posting an extra post this week because last week I only published one; my excuse is that I was travelling. Lame, I know; but true. On Friday I was taking a five hour flight from the Canaries, which I do often and regularly alone; therefore I'm confident about the whole procedure that's involved in making this journey.

    But, to my constant amusement I find that I'm repeatedly, temporarily adopted by one, or more of my fellow passengers, who seem to take pity on the lone traveller.
    Just when I think that acts of kindness have exited mankind's backdoor, along comes a man, or woman who restore my faith. They make sure I know where to queue up, at the gate and what stairs to use when finally boarding.

   Instead of me being a mature  ...ty something, I happily become that wide-eyed innocent kid again. Maybe that's why I write, 'Young Adult.' Who knows?

     "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."
- Anne Frank

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Children are the Victims

    Wars and natural disasters have many victims, however children bear the brunt. Many lose parents, all of their families and young girls and boys are duped into prostitution and slavery.

    Throughout the developed world including Europe and the Americas, child poverty is also a continual problem. Health, education and social acceptability are all impacted, the children find themselves in circumstances that can spiral of of control.

    Why are our children the victims?