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Meet Author Kristina Gallo


    I know how hard it is to learn and speak another language, it's a work in progress for me personally. Therefore, I admire authors who are up for a challenge and choose to write a book in a language other than that is native to them.

    Today, I want to introduce you to one such indie author and blogger, Kristina Gallo. Kristina is Croatian and has published four self-help/motivational books to date in English, giving advice in how to take control of our lives no matter what is thrown at us.


  • Kristina, thanks for wanting to connect with readers by taking part in this feature. Tell us about how you started writing?
         I started to write as a teenager, initially I used a notebook and pencil, because I was born in the age without the Internet, computers and smartphones. Then later, I began to type my work on a typewriter, very similar to the ones you see in old movies. Luckily at high school I learned secretarial skills, so it helped me type faster.

  • What inspired you to write self-help books?
          I had no luck in love relationships, as well as some friends who turned their backs on me. I learned about disloyal people, therefore I was inspired by my own personal problems and experiences. I believe I can help someone not repeat the mistakes I made. If  I had such a book in my possession in the past, I probably would have thought twice about some of the situations I found myself in.

  • Have you written your books with a particular audience in mind?
         Yes. My work is aimed at people who don't fit into one social group, or another. I know how it feels to be rejected by a popular social circle. I have a message for those individuals who were never invited to parties, or who could not find a group to hangout with because they're not so popular.
        My message is simply, it's okay to be different and when you're different, things like this happen. Yes, you don't want to lose friends, but there is also nothing wrong with standing on your own two feet.

  • How did you come up with your titles?
         I had a struggle with  my titles. I wanted to make a title which hadn't already been used, was inappropriate, or too ordinary. In the end, I chose a few sentences from my books.

  • Your latest release 'Seduce Her With a Fist' was published earlier this year. How did  you come to the decision to use such an evocative title?
         That is an excellent question. This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a hooligan. This is how he shows her love, with his fist. This is a kind of sarcasm, he did not know any better. I love to say, my story is anti-romance. This is not a fairy tale with a happy ending.

  • Kristina, you'll be glad to know this is my final question. Do you have any new titles due for release and if you have can you tell us if they are of the same genre?
         I love to write about human psychology, no matter if it is chic-lit, or self-help. I would like to write a thriller, but I need more time and to do more research. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and Virginia Woolf, at first point, it would seem that they don't have much in common, however I adore this style of mystery.

         Thank you for letting us get to know you Kristina. I love getting to know my fellow authors and today has been a pleasure. Readers you can find out more about Kristina and her books by clicking on the links below.

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