Sunday, 13 May 2018

Waters Run Deep

    I have two thoughts about soaps on the TV, one they can help you disengage from the reality that is going on round about you for a half hour, or it connects you with real issues that many people all over the world have to face in their lives.

    Recently, Coronation Street a soap opera that is aired a few times a week in the UK has focussed on some really tough subjects, one being male rape and the other male suicide.

    They were criticized by many for broaching these raw subjects, however, they have been applauded by a majority of their viewers.

    If we take the first subject of male rape, sexual violence towards men and boys isn't a topic that many of us have ever thought about. Reports of violence towards women and girls are featured in our news daily and encouragement is given to those who have been affected to seek help. But, in the case of males by not putting the facts out there we are keeping the harsh truth hidden away, leaving the victims alone and helpless.

    Then we have male suicide the biggest cause of death in the UK for men under the age of 45 years-old, again because the subject is kept locked away in a closet, those who have suicidal thoughts, mental suffering, pain and anguish don't get the support and help they need.

    These storylines in Coronation Street, have made the UK talk and that's what we need to do. Talk and share.


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  1. This is a really good point. These are subjects we need to talk about a lot more.