Monday, 7 May 2018

Numbers Game

    Whether at home or travelling abroad, a majority of us use debit and credit cards. In fact, our lives are filled with plastic cards and PIN numbers. It can be a little confusing at times especially if it's not a card we use on a regular basis. I know when I travel overseas, I have been left red-faced on a few occasions when I've punched in the wrong PIN.

    Recently, while shopping with my friend her husband had to come to the rescue and pay for my groceries. I was so adamant that it was the shop's fault and not mine, only to find out that, yes I was using totally the wrong number. My excuse is that I only use the card every six weeks or so.

    At times we do need cash in purses and pockets, rather than plastic and thankfully ATMs can be found easily. Instantly giving us access to our funds, bank balances allowing of course.

    It has been approximately 52 years since Scottish inventor, James Goodfellow, discovered PIN and card technology, a forerunner of what we use today. Although I did join the staff of a bank many years later I can still remember the original cash dispensers and the cards that Mr Goodfellow patented. The cards were only given to trusted customers because back then banks kept customers records in hand-written ledgers and therefore no checks could be made before the machine dispensed funds.

    If it wasn't for inventors such as James Goodfellow what would our lives be like now? Afterall with the huge difference in prices for everyday goods and services over the last fifty plus years, it would probably mean that we would have to carry our money in panniers on the sides of mules, just to go shopping.

    Sadly, Mr Goodfellow received little or no recompense for this modern-day invention. Something that would not happen today.


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