Monday, 27 June 2016

In my Heart of Hearts

    I lost a good friend at the weekend a good man who will be missed. But, his memory will never die.

The last time I said goodbye to you
In my heart of hearts I knew
We would never meet again
At last, you no longer endure any pain
Your suffering has come to an end
God bless, my good friend

Friday, 24 June 2016

War of Words

King Robert the Bruce

    King Robert the Bruce, led his men into battle in the First War of Independence against King Edward's, English army at Bannockburn, Scotland on the 23 June 1314.

    Who would have thought that seven and two years on, another war of independence would be fought within the UK.

    The war that has taken place over the last few months has been at times a nasty war of words. With the government  led by Prime Minister, David Cameron split down the middle as to whether the UK should remain, or exit the European Union.

     Thankfully, we didn't take to the battlefield, democracy allowed the people of the country to decide the outcome by allowing a referendum and the Brexit vote, as it was named took place yesterday,

Site of the Battle of Bannockburn
    The population and government woke up this morning to the shock news that our country voted to leave the union and the news that David Cameron has resigned. No blows exchanged, but lots of battered egos for sure.

    I have no idea if this is good news, or bad for the UK. However, there are uncertain times for us all to face.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Chink in the Armour

Sir John de Graeme's tomb

    Sir William Wallace is a name which is known throughout the world and someone I have written about previously.

    But, great warriors such as Wallace are only as good as the men and women who are willing to follow their command, therefore it is important that they also protect their own well-being by having a valuable assistant and confidant.

The Wallace Monument, Abbey Craig
    Wallace was no different and in a church-yard very close by to my home lies the body of, Sir John de Graeme, his right-hand man.

Stirling Bridge

    Graeme fought alongside Wallace in Scotland's battles of independence, most famously the Battle of Stirling Bridge, where the Scots defeated King Edward's army in 1297.

    However, one year on, July 22 1298, Sir John met his demise at the Battle of Falkirk. It is said that due to ill-fitting armour a sword penetrated through a small chink and not only did Wallace lose the battle he lost his close colleague.

    Sir William Wallace, saddened by his friend and fellow warrior's death took Graeme's body into his arms and carried it to its final resting place, the church-yard where it still lies entombed today.

    The following words carved on the stone seemed especially poignant as the bells were ringing out when I took the photograph and also reminded me that there are still constant battles being fought for our freedom.

'Her lyse Sir John the Graeme, baithwight and wise.
Ane of the chief who rescewit Scotland thryse.
Ane better knight no to the world was lent,
Nor was gude Graeme of truth and hardiment.'

Friday, 17 June 2016


The love we have can never be replicated
It's exclusive to you and me
What we share is felt within
Hidden, invisible, something others will never see

There is no need for words when we are together
Our minds, our souls, entwined
We speak as one, even when apart
Because the love we feel, is encapsulated, embedded in the heart

Monday, 13 June 2016

When a Stranger Walks Into Our Life


    We encounter strangers in our lives frequently. We meet them in the shopping-mall, coffee-shop, library, restaurants, bars and even through other friends.

    Some we may interact with, initially exchanging polite conversation that leads to this casual acquaintance into becoming a friend, who will go on to have a great impact on us.

    But, those strangers we never have the opportunity to chat with and befriend we rarely think about how their actions can change our lives too.

    However, yesterday we all woke-up to news that clearly illustrates that we don't need to know someone, for the individual to turn our world upside down.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Freedom in Dystopia

    Five years after the, June 6 1944, D-Day landings, George Orwell's book, 1984 was published. The dystopian world it took place in with, Big Brother, watching the inhabitants every move and taking note of their every thought I suppose doesn't seem so far fetched as it was back then in 1949.

    However, if brave men and women hadn't made that journey in 1944 to France, what would our world be like now?

    There is the chance that we would not have the right to have free thoughts, or individuality as it was in Orwell's world. Who knows? But, thank you.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

    The Internet has opened up a new world for many of us. Social media allows us to make virtual friends throughout the world and keeps us in touch with close friends and relatives wherever we are.

    However; we know that there is also a dark murky side to it. A place where unsavoury characters can plot, plan and scam. Innocent, children, adults and even companies are duped every second of the day.

    The other day a good friend of mine was taken in by a sob story; little did she know at the time that by sharing this hard luck scenario she was promoting something that she most certainly didn't want to be associated with.

    Luckily there was no real harm done, but it goes to show that what we read and interact with on the Web we can never take at face value. Because there are lots of wolves in sheep's clothing out there.