Friday, 24 June 2016

War of Words

King Robert the Bruce

    King Robert the Bruce, led his men into battle in the First War of Independence against King Edward's, English army at Bannockburn, Scotland on the 23 June 1314.

    Who would have thought that seven and two years on, another war of independence would be fought within the UK.

    The war that has taken place over the last few months has been at times a nasty war of words. With the government  led by Prime Minister, David Cameron split down the middle as to whether the UK should remain, or exit the European Union.

     Thankfully, we didn't take to the battlefield, democracy allowed the people of the country to decide the outcome by allowing a referendum and the Brexit vote, as it was named took place yesterday,

Site of the Battle of Bannockburn
    The population and government woke up this morning to the shock news that our country voted to leave the union and the news that David Cameron has resigned. No blows exchanged, but lots of battered egos for sure.

    I have no idea if this is good news, or bad for the UK. However, there are uncertain times for us all to face.

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