Monday, 4 November 2013

Life's Challenges


    We all face challenges in our lives, but for some of us life throws difficulties that are lifelong . This week in Scotland it's, Dyslexia Awareness Week and dyslexia is one such difficulty. Although geographically this campaign  which is taking place between November 4th and November the 11th may not be something that you can take part in, it is a problem I'm sure you will care about.

    This condition does not discriminate by creed, colour, or religion, but unfortunately humans do. Despite being of normal intelligence, sufferers can find themselves being judged, even bullied by others because their oral and reading skills appear to be impaired. They may indeed be discriminated against because their numeracy and organisational skills don't meet the expectations of their peers. Therefore low self esteem and depression can also be a problem.

    If diagnosed early in a child, the child can be assisted in gaining the important skills that help them communicate with others freely and confidently, Some may require continued support on reaching adulthood, as having continuing problems in literacy and numeracy skills may make it harder to gain employment. It is imperative that parents, carers and teachers recognise the symptoms early, if the obstacles that have been put in the child's way are to be tackled efficiently and effectively.

    There are organisations throughout the world such as Dyslexia Scotland and if you want to find out more about the condition and its symptoms their websites are the best place to start.

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