Monday, 11 July 2016

Putting Their Foot In It

    In the past when politicians put their foot in it, either deliberately,or naively, the reporting media would turn a blind-eye if they favoured the individual.

    The video recording would have been erased at the appropriate point, the journalists would have rubbed the words from the page of their notebook's, the offensive words of the person would have never reached the eyes and ears of the public.

    However, now in the times of live broadcasting, mobile downloads, social media tools and instant messaging applications there is no place to run and no place to hide for the powers at be.

    Especially in the US and the UK where at present there are candidates jockeying for the position of the top job, right now.

   But, pausing for a moment before we Tweet, or post is something we all should do, if we care about others, because pigeon post is long gone.

    Writing a book is a little different though, authors do have the time to consider their words, grammar and punctuation. It's a necessity because sooner, or later when we are published, our words will be their for all to see just the same.

Time for editing I think!



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