Friday, 12 August 2016

A Voyage into the Unknown

    My blog hasn't been updated for the last few weeks because I've been having some chill time. I've been spending the last few weeks in the Canary Islands which regular readers will know I do on a frequent basis.

    It has been very warm here, some days in excess of forty degrees Celsius and being a girl that is used to cooler climes it takes a bit of getting used to.

    Four hundred and thirty-four years ago today, Christopher Columbus came ashore on these islands, to take on supplies as he made his way to the New World and I can't help but wonder what his impression of the place was.

    I never grow tired of the dramatic scenery, or the volatile Atlantic Ocean that is home to many wonderful species of  dolphin and whales. Each day I learn something knew about these islands and if I want to find out more, I research the facts via the Internet.

    However, Christopher Columbus didn't have that luxury he was continually making a voyage into the unknown and without explorers like him, maybe I would have never found my way here

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