Friday, 26 January 2018

Meet Book Publicist Bobbie Crawford

    I'm an author of three books and counting. I know first-hand that competition to sell a writer's work is both time consuming and daunting. That's why I was interested to find out what a book publicist can do for the author. Therefore, I've invited Canadian based book publicist, Bobbie Crawford from, Nurture Your Books, to feature in my blog today.


    An avid fan of reading, collecting old books and painting watercolors when the mood strikes, Bobbie Crawford is the Founder and owner of Nurture Your books and she works on a little bit of everything, focusing primarily on the one-on-one with clients as a Book Publicist and Virtual Book Tour Coordinator.


  • Where in the sequence of publishing does a publicist fit in?

    Typically, a publicist gets to work once a book has been successfully published.

  • Many of the large publishers we know use professional publicists. Does Nurture Your Books, offer services to both publishers and independent authors?

    Although we do offer our services to traditional and indie publishers, approximately 90-95% of our clients are self-published and indie authors.

  • Do you specialize in one particular genre?

    No, I wouldn’t say that I specialize in a single genre. I have experience with assisting authors in nearly every genre out there

  • What would you say is the most important function of a book publicist?

    I would say that the most important function of a book publicist is to be knowledgeable about industry trends and news. They should use solid information and leads to keep themselves up-to-date.

  • Do you offer different publicity representation packages?

    Yes, we offer publicity representation packages in 4 different levels. They vary according to the amount of time allotted per month and the services included.

  • Ideally when should an author wishing to use your services get in touch?

    There’s no time like the present. We offer a free initial consult so there’s nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

  • Bobbie, for those authors based outside Canada who are interested in using Nurture Your Books, can you also offer them your services?

    Absolutely! Although we are based in Canada, thanks to the Internet, we promote and assist authors from every corner of the globe. Thus far we have clients in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia.

  • Finally, can you tell us what the most exciting part of your job is?

  The most exciting part of my job is finding and helping a new client. I’ve spent over 7 years in the industry and I take much of my knowledge and expertise for granted. When I’m able to impart some of what I know to an author and help them achieve some of their goals, I am beyond thrilled.

      Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
      It was a pleasure getting to know you Bobbie.
Linkedin: Bobbie Crawford
Twitter: @NurtureYourBook
Facebook Page:Nurture Your Books

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