Friday, 31 August 2018

As I Do

        We view so much via social media, that sometimes we don't embrace ourselves for who we really are. Here are some random thoughts for every day.

As I Do

I walk along the coast.
No one sees the stoney path in front of me as I do

I look towards the sea
No one sees the clear, azul blue water as I do

The mountains in front of me, fill my whole being with awe
No one admires them as I do

He kisses me
No one tastes his lips as I do

My heart is filled with love for him
No one can feel that love as I do

I think about my whole life, past, present, highs and lows
And what the future may hold
No one else can do this as I do

No one can do anything as another can
Because we are all unique, human beings
This you can believe in as I do

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