Monday, 12 May 2014

Bring Back the Girls

    Slavery is illegal worldwide, nevertheless in some countries it remains in the form of child domestic labour. One country where it continues under the disguise of house-help to the elite, is Nigeria.

    As the world prays that the girls who were kidnapped from the school in Chibok, Nigeria, are returned home safely; the fact that child labour has not been eradicated in this country will continue to endanger the life of every child there.

    The children are used in domestic service, the commercial agriculture industry, prostitution, forced marriages and sometimes willingly given away by their families because of the financial renumeration involved.

    The continually works hard with countries including Nigeria, by providing educational programmes and their current programme, International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor, has aided children throughout the world escape a life of drudgery. Unfortunately, Sub-Saharan Africa, has not responded as well and this abusive activity is a long way from ceasing there.

    Therefore, unless the government in Nigeria recognises that child exploitation is wrong and they themselves begin to respect the lives of their children, they will be powerless in controlling acts of lawlessness, as this kidnapping is. #Bringbackourgirls  



  1. The fact that the government has not stepped in is beyond me and continues to break my heart. I blogged about this yesterday in a post called, "Remembering Their Voices" over at my website I hope and pray things will change within the country of Nigeria and the voices of those girls can finally be found and brought home. Boko Haram should be found and severely punished for their crimes. These crimes are unthinkable and I can't imagine what those children (because that is what they really are) are thinking and feeling at this very moment.

  2. Hope the girls get home safely