Monday, 22 December 2014

As the Sun Sets


    Education is something I feel passionate about, because I believe it can cure many ills in this world. Therefore to see another school being targeted by extremists in the last week, I find heartbreaking.

    I'm talking about the 141 fatalities, 132 children and 9 teachers that were massacred in an army school, in Peshawar, Pakistan; a place where parents sent their children to be educated, safely.

    Back in April this year we were faced with the sickening event in Chibok, Nigeria when 276 female students were kidnapped from their school and in places such as Syria, Afghanistan, schools are continually targeted.

    As the sun sets on this year, we can only pray that governments will find a way to stop this and that children can be educated without their parents having to worry as to whether they will ever see them again, after dropping them off at school.

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