Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Scotland at its Best

Looking out towards the Islands 

    Keeping up traditions and embracing the culture of our homeland, I believe is an important part of who we are and being Scottish is something you will know by now that I am proud of.

Corran Halls, 2nd from left.

    124-years ago The Royal National Mod, a celebration of Scottish literature, culture and language started in Oban, Argyllshire and for the 16th time in its history it has returned there this week, taking place in the Corran Halls.
    While many go along to converse, listen to performances in the native tongue Gaelic; choirs, pianists, pipers, fiddlers, and songsters go to compete for medals which are renowned worldwide.

    Oban I have featured previously, but it's worth another blog visit once again. Because when visiting here you could be in no other country in the world except Scotland.

Oban Distillery, centre photograph

    The music, whisky, seafood, and the scenery are Scotland at its best.

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