Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Power of a Smile

 What sunshine is to flowers
Smiles are to humanity
These are but trifles, to be sure
But scattered along life's pathway
The good they do is inconceivable

                                                                                          Joseph Addison

    There is nothing better than seeing and hearing a baby gurgle with laughter. When we stick our heads into their pram, or crib, we talk silly, make faces and tickle them in an effort just to get that smile.

    I'm no doctor, but having read and experienced for myself, I can confirm that laughing is a tonic. Basically, because when we laugh and smile, endorphins, a group of hormones which hide themselves away in our brain and nervous system are released into our bodies.

    I would love to explain the ins and outs of what goes on, when these little guys go shooting into our system's. But, at the risk of repeating myself, I'm no doctor.

    Yes, we don't always have something to smile about, however even a stranger giving us a smile can lift our spirits.

    I read this morning about recent research, that has found that smiling can make us look two years older. Therefore, if we don't want those laughter lines ageing us, we'll need to go about with a poker face.

    Umm, I think I'll just keep the ever-growing number of crinkly lines at the sides of my eyes. I hope you have something to smile about today and if you can spare one, give it to someone else. They may need it more than you.

    So, remember today,

    A smile costs nothing, but gives a lot
    It enriches those who receive it
    Without making poorer those who give it

                                                                                                     Author unknown

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