Friday, 3 November 2017

A Garden Without Butterflies

    Childhood memories of the lazy, hazy, day's of summer, stay firmly in the forefront of my mind. The smell of fresh mowed lawns and the scent of the flowers tickling my nose. Butterflies and bees flitting from flower to flower, pollinating the plants as they went.

   Young sparrows, and robins feeding like kings on the abundance of insects that lived in every nook and cranny of our garden. Pesky flies and wasps gate-crashing the impromptu  picnics that were spread upon a green and white checkered tablecloth on the back lawn.

    It seems that the insect world whether you love them, or hate them, are slowly depleting. We humans are destroying nature's pollinators and sources of food for our wildlife, with our chemical insecticides and pesticides.

    It's sad to think that future generations of children may never know a garden with butterflies.
    "What's a butterfly garden without butterflies?"

                                                            Roy Rogers


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