Friday, 24 November 2017

Cherishing a Daydreamer Forever

    Like many millions of David Cassidy fans, I was saddened to hear he had passed away this week. Hearing his songs  on the radio and TV made me feel like a teenager all over again.

    I had barely become a teen, when I began to adorn my bedroom walls with his pictures, one wall being solely dedicated to him. One Christmas I received a life size poster of the star, which I placed just at the correct height on the wall so I could look him straight in the eye, tell him how much "I loved him" and that "one day he would be mine." The problem was, every wild fan thought exactly the same.

    Although I was never lucky enough to see him in concert due to lack of finances, I did join the fan club and buy all his singles. The single 'Could it be Forever' I can remember taking to an English class, as we were asked to submit words by songwriters that we believed had true meaning. Can I say more?

    Unfortunately, the poster had to be discarded when I finally got married, many, many years later. My partner thought three was a crowd. However, I never lost that little space in my heart for David and may he R.I.P.


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