Monday, 26 February 2018



    All the books I possess are treated with care and respect. No matter how old they are, or whether I'll actually ever read them again. When I damage one in any way, I feel as though I've vandalised it.

    However, I realise that not all of us feel the same way. Pages are torn out of books, corners are dog-eared and spines are broken all in the name of keeping the reader's page. Beverage cups and wine glasses are placed upon them to save the patina on occasional tables. As well as notes written in the margins, highlighting important phrases, sentences and words relevant to the reader.

    If the reader has bought the book, while it goes against my grain to do any of the above, it's theirs and theirs  to do as they please. But, if borrowed from a library I wish they would refrain from defacement and buy a book-mark, note-book, or a coaster, allowing others to enjoy their chosen read.

    Have a great week folks and please treasure the written word.


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