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Nadja Losbohm's, Interview series 22, Featuring Me

        I was recently interviewed by the wonderful, German author, Nadja Losbohm. The interview was posted on Facebook and not all would get to read it. So, Nadja kindly said I could share her post  here. Thanking Nadja for this opportunity to be part of her Interview series 22. For Nadja's books pop over to Amazon

Interview series 22 by Nadja Losbohm

"An achievement in itself"

    Another Monday, another interview. Wootwoot. Today, I'd like to introduce to you British author Christina Rowell, who I got to know via Twitter, where we follow each other since a couple of years now. Christina started to write at a very young age and made handwritten copies to give to family members. In her stories you can meet angels and demons and lots of other fantastical creatures, but there's also a touch of humour to her tales. Hm, sounds like her books and my dear Huntress series would get along with each other very well. Anyway, it's time for Christina to tell us more about her wonderful writing and herself.

Christina‘s website:

1. Please introduce yourself in 3-5 sentences.

I'm Christina Rowell, author of fantasy for young adults and poetry for all ages.

2. What is the title of your current book? In which genre does it play and what is the story about?

I have three books published to date. Two in the Salvation series, fantasy for young adults and a small collection of poetry.

Salvation No Kissing Required was first published in 2013 and Salvation Hyperlink to Lost Souls in 2015 by indie publisher Featherweight Press. As my contract has now expired with the publisher, the rights of the books have now reverted to myself I am in the process of self-publishing both books. However, Salvation No Kissing Required is available in paperback at present via Amazon.

The series follows seventeen year-old Dan Pierce, a spirit fighting for his place in Heaven, into a fantastical world where evil forces are causing chaos and heartache amongst the human race.

Evil tries to seduce him in many ways and Dan finds himself fighting with human emotions as well as demons in all shapes and forms.

3. How did you get into writing?

Since an early age I loved to write stories. Making multiple handwritten copies of them to share amongst my aunts and uncles to read.

4. What can you learn about writing and what can you not learn?

You can't learn what to write about, but the craft of writing is an ongoing learning experience.

5. What is your favourite task in the writing process and what do you not like about it (like writing blurbs for example)?

My favourite task is developing the characters.

6. Is there something that drives you crazy regarding the writing/ publishing process?

Editing isn't something I particularly don't like doing, but it is a necessity in the whole process.

7. Where do you get the ideas for your books?

Every day life. There isn't any mythical creatures roaming our world, however there is bullying, grooming and Internet dangers facing our youth and my books do feature this.

8. Which of your written books is your own favourite?

I don't have a favourite because each publication is special to me. It would be like asking a mother to say she has a favourite child.

9. Who reads your manuscripts first?

My partner.

10. How long do you revise your manuscript before you say, "Now I can share it with others?"

Months. Probably too long, because my confidence can waiver slightly.

11. In which genre would you like to write but haven't dared yet? And in which genre would you never write?

I would like to write erotica but haven't as yet. But, never say never. I would never write nonfiction.

12. Are there writers you admire?

Carlos Ruiz Zafon is my favourite author. His words take me straight into his world.

13. What is a successful author in your opinion?

How do you measure success? But, all authors should think of being a success because writing something for others to read is a great achievement in itself.

14. Regarding your books: Would you do it all over again in the same way? What would you change, if you could?

I wouldn't change anything. I love the books I've written, even the unpublished ones.

15. What do you say about the competition among authors, especially about the fact that some authors deliberately give bad ratings to others to spite them? Have you ever experienced something like this yourself?

I haven't had any bad experiences. I've met lots of lovely people in my writing journey. In my opinion negatively is a waste of energy.

16. What was the worst, most annoying, least beautiful thing that has happened to you as an author and what was the most beautiful thing?

The worst thing that has happened to me is my computer crashing just as I was doing final edits. The most beautiful thing was being published for the first time.

17. How do you motivate yourself when things don't go the way you want them to?

I have a real stubborn streak and that motivates me to achieve my goals.

18. Why do you think some authors make it in the book industry and others don't? Do you have any advice?

If I knew I would bottle the secret and sell it. However, I don't have the recipe for this potion and my only advice is do your best. Never give up.

19. Many authors are reserved and shy, especially when it comes to readings and book fair appearances. You got any advice for them?

Remember we're all human and each and every one of us has fears and anxieties.

20. Which authors and books do you think deserve more attention?

All authors deserve equal attention, writing anything takes time and lots of love.

21. Which books do you like to read yourself? Which ones would you never read?

Fantasy and murder mystery. I cannot say there was a book in any genre that I just wouldn't even try to read.

22. What are you dreaming of as a writer? Is there a wish you would share with us?

I don't have any particular dream. The only dream I ever had was to be published and I've achieved that.

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