Monday, 21 January 2013

Child's Play

    In one of my first posts I told you about my mother amusing my brother and I, on our journey home from my grandmother's, with fantastical tales. Today, I want to talk about the importance of reading to our children.

    Parents nowadays have busy lives, holding down sometimes more than one job, fitting in school runs, taking little Johnny, or Jenny to after school clubs, as well as doing household chores. Therefore, trying to find the time to sit down with the kids and read to them, can seem like a chore too.

    Information is readily available advising parents of the importance of their child eating correctly and getting enough exercise. But, we don't emphasise the significance of exercising their little brain in the same way.

    It's a well known fact that just reading stories to them from an early age, helps with a child's development. Benefiting them in their life to come. Apart from the literacy skills, reading stimulates the imagination.

    Some may argue, that the electronic games that are available today do the same thing. I believe that they do have a  place, especially interactive games and books. But, if all children ever look at is in 3D, it takes away the need for their imagination. For example, when we read a fantasy book (surprisingly I would use fantasy) we all have different ideas of what the characters look like and a different perception of the world in which it takes place in. All because our imagination is a one-off.

    I think it's a shame if kids don't get the chance to experience a unique world of their own, after all it's child's play. What's your view?

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