Monday, 28 October 2013

More than a Little Distracted


    Sometimes I get distracted from my writing and my mind decides to go for a stroll. I try to be disciplined, but on occasions my brain decides to rebel and refuses to be reined back in. Friday was one of those days and remaining focused was not an easy task.

    When I got up in the morning I was full of good intentions. So what went wrong? I didn't bank on the power company turning up for the second day in a row and deciding that my driveway could be used as a parking lot at 7:15am. That's what. I should have known then and there, that I would have been better going back to bed and having a duvet day.

     But as I had been unable to do anything constructively the day before, I didn't take heed of the little voice nagging from deep down inside my gut saying, "Go back to bed, go back to bed. You won't be writing today."

    Initially I read through the last chapter of my WIP, in the hope that I would regain my focus. However my brain wasn't playing ball. Sitting in front of my PC was no use, my thoughts were not clear. In fact they were all over the place, definitely not where they should be and as transparent as a pool of muddy water.

    The weather was horrendous outside, so going for a walk to blow the cobwebs away was out of the question. I finally had to abandon my work for the day and settle down with a book which I started to read recently by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, titled The Prisoner of Heaven .

    Was my day wasted? No, because I became absorbed in Zafon's world and what a wonderful world to become lost in. Later that evening my muddy pool of a brain cleared and words once again flowed freely like the deep blue ocean. Happy Days.



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