Monday, 7 October 2013



    This blog post is my 100th and I can hardly believe it. When I left clicked on the publish icon in September last year for the first time, my stomach was churning and the palms of my hands were very sweaty.

    So, what has changed in a year? Well, my stomach still churns when I publish a post, but thankfully my palms are no longer sweaty. I now welcome the nerves I once feared, they're a sign that I still care about the journey I am on.

    Of course the biggest event in the last year was the publication of my debut novel in April. Salvation No Kissing Required is the title, just in case you haven't noticed and it was published by Featherweight Press.

    But, I have to warn my budding author friends out there, that when your book is finally published  that's only the beginning. It's similar to a kid who has just gained all their grades to go to university, or college, enrolling is only the start. All the hard work has still to come.
    I believe as a newbie writer it's imperative that you make sure you have a presence on the social media circuit. Otherwise how will anyone know about you. Readers don't wake up in the morning and say, "I must buy Christina Rowell's, or Joe Blog's book today." Why would they, it's a big wide world out there. Joe Blog, me and you are little minnows in a huge pond.

  When I started blogging I decided that I wasn't going to give advice on how to get published, or how to polish your manuscript for submission. Why? Because I don't think I'm qualified. You've read my typos. I'm the kid starting further education, I've just stepped onto the learning curve of this journey. I'm keeping my head down and keeping on writing.

    What I set out to do was to let you into my world. I wanted to give you some idea as to what makes me tick and hopefully I have done that. If I haven't it's just as well that I'm going to continue blogging twice a week. I hope you will drop by every now and then. Thanks for your support. Hugs.






  1. Beautiful blog, Christina. I've enjoyed sharing the journey with you.

  2. Thank you Lynn for your support, much appreciated.