Friday, 20 December 2013

Express Myself


   Before I started clicking the keys on my keyboard yesterday, to write the draft of this blog, I dithered about for ages. My pen hovered constantly over some of my ideas I have jotted down in a notebook, and I doodled alongside my favourites whilst I continued to ponder.

    But that little voice inside just kept on dithering and asking, "Should I write about this? Should I write about that? The same little voice that can take on any character role I have the mind-set to do.

    Suddenly the voice asked, "What if you weren't allowed to choose what you wanted to write about? Whether in blog form, or book. What if you couldn't freely express yourself?

    No matter how many times I tried to come up with an informed answer, I couldn't. Why? Because I can write responsibly about anything I want and any restrictions therefore are fully self imposed.

    However there are many writers in the world who do not have this right and that's why I count myself lucky.




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  1. Me too. We are so fortunate to have the right of free expression.