Monday, 16 December 2013

Picture Postcard From.......

Montana Rojo, El Medano, Tenerife

    Before I set off on my recent vacation one of my friends said, "Remember send me a postcard."  She was only joking but whilst I was away I found myself looking for shops that sold picture postcards.

    Because it suddenly struck me that sending picture postcards to friends and relatives from your travels had died along with letter writing. We have substituted this form of communication with Instagram, Flikr, Facebook, Twitter, email and the rest.

Harbour, Las Galletas, Tenerife
    The plus side to this is that our loved ones can instantly share our vacation experience with us.  No waiting for the postman to drop the card through the letter box. That's if it arrived, as many that I sent in the past, never did. There were occasions I felt that some kind of mail monster had eaten all my carefully chosen and sometimes overpriced cards up.

    However, there is a big downside and that's in my opinion that we are slowly strangling the art of the written word.




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