Thursday, 12 December 2013

Stealing the Limelight

Yellowhammer and Chaffinch being neighbourly
    I love wild life especially birds and I could spend hours watching them in my garden. However at this time of year many of our garden birds in the UK pack there bags and head south for the winter in search for sunnier climes.

Blue-tits enjoying a peanut feast
      Something that you will know I am inclined to do my self  on a  regular basis.


     But there are some of my feathered friends that thankfully stick around and I wanted to share a couple of photographs with you.

Robin makes sure I capture his best camera angle, his buddy the blackbird looking on

    You will see that the little guy with the red breast loves competing for favourite all time Christmas character. He sometimes finds that auditioning can sap his strength, so he makes sure he grabs a bite when he can at his local take-away.

Grabbing a bite between auditions
       I can't resist him stealing the limelight, because he's gorgeous. Although he does find that the costume department fails him constantly.

 Don't you have the shoes in a smaller size ?

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