Thursday, 13 February 2014


How long have we been together?
Maybe ten.
It's hard to think a way back then.
You walked into the room.
Was it your eyes? Was it your face?
I don't think it was one of those things,
I could put my finger on and outline trace.
I tried to avert my eyes, when you hovered near.
At that time it was only a dream,
 That you would ever become someone dear.
You finally came over, we chatted and danced.
My heart might as well with an arrow been lanced.
From that night forward,
We became a team.
Me the strawberries, you the cream.
It was one year on and the 14th February came,
The restaurant was picked, the table booked.
Not one detail had been overlooked.
The wine was poured, the waiter smiled,
I couldn't help but feel like a child.
Before the kitchen served the main,
I hoped my excitement hadn't been in vain.
You took my hand,
You stumbled over your words.
But that didn't matter, I said Yes.
 So now and forever there is nothing but togetherness.


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