Monday, 14 April 2014

One Year On

    For me this week marks a very special anniversary, it's a year since my debut novel Salvation No Kissing Required, was published by Featherweight Press. Anniversaries have a habit of stirring up all sorts of emotions, some good, some bad. This one thankfully, is one that I can break out the champagne for and congratulate myself on my achievement.

    My book being published was like placing my foot on the first rung of a ladder. Ladders I've found can be rather tricky to ascend, especially if I'm not wearing the correct footwear, or try to hurry my steps.

    However finally seeing my words in print meant that I had at least put on suitable shoes for the start of my ascent and the whole process to publication taught me that writing is something that cannot be hurried.

    One year on, my knees aren't wobbling while I'm standing on the ladder. But there's only one way I believe as a writer I can keep moving forward and that is to continually write, edit, read and not rush my work. I want to keep my virtual shoes in good condition, like a regular visit to the cobblers. That way hopefully the heels and soles will be prepared for another step in the not so far future, without slipping about too much.

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