Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pride With No Prejudice

    Seated throughout the aircraft on my return flight from my recent trip, there were several young children from different ethnic backgrounds travelling within family groups. What I found amazing was although they were all under school age, they were eager to mingle with their peers and once the seat belt sign was switched off they homed in on each other.
    A few could barely speak and most sentences had gurgles in place of words, but nevertheless they communicated with each other freely and happily. They had something in common and that was that they were children. So at what age does the freedom to accept each other as we are go wrong?    

    Whether it be race, colour of our skin, sex, disability or religion, there is lots of prejudice in this world. On occasion our own life experiences, newspapers and news programmes demonstrate the unjust intolerance that continues to exist in all our societies.

    When we take one step forward in tackling bigotry, some group, government or individual comes along and destroys the progress that has been made in the last one hundred years or so.

    All faiths preach peace and goodwill; many non-religious groups promote tolerance and living together peacefully. At present everyone living happily ever after, certainly seems confined to fiction.

     There is a lot we can learn from our little children and we can be proud of them, they prove that there should be no prejudices, because we are all human.



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