Monday, 7 July 2014

The Power of the Word

           I read with interest over the weekend that a school in London is looking to replace teachers with computers in some day to day lessons. The academy school which hopes to have things in place by 2016, believes this is the way forward in teaching. I know it has been already tried in the USA, and with a certain amount of success, however I do have a few reservations.

    The lack of human interaction, whether it be simply in the form of encouraging a students progress, answering a child's questions which enables learning, or generally maintaining discipline within the classroom situation, are just three of them.

    Of course, I believe in the power of the written word and the findings of a recent study found that children respond better to instructions if they're written down, so it's possible that my hesitancy to accept the idea is unfounded.

    Therefore, the picture I have in my mind's eye of an android teacher, a type of Stepford teacher, teaching class is maybe a number of years off and using computers is right up the next generations street.

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