Monday, 6 October 2014

Time Travels


    Skyscanner  has consulted with a team of experts to look at the future of travel in 10 years time; the results of which you can read for yourself .

    On first reading the report I found some of the predictions rather far fetched, however with technology changing at a fast pace, maybe they're not.

    For example, using interactive software, an expert believes that we'll be able to summons a 'digital travel buddy' to help us choose our vacation, book the tickets etc, basically all the stuff we hate doing. Our virtual 'buddy' will take away all the hassles that we face when trying to book the perfect getaway. He will even arrange for us to try before we buy, with the help of 3D sensors.

    As someone who can be fairly anxious when I arrive at an airport, I would most certainly welcome a member of the airport staff helping me through the whole airport experience. Even the predicted  hologram making sure that I board the aircraft with relative ease, most certainly would suffice.

    Once we reach our destination there will be no more problems communicating with the locals, implants similar to contact lenses will resolve our verbal translations. Something I definitely can relate to, over the last few weeks.

    Yes, there are parts that read like the plot of an H.G. Wells novel, but 120 years ago we could never have envisaged travelling to the moon, computers, skype, or mobile phones.

    There was something though, that I was disappointed not to be covered in the report and that was that there was no mention of my new found friend packing my suitcase for me before I go. Do you think he's going to shirk out of doing the dirty laundry on my return too?


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