Thursday, 3 September 2015

Everything in art is but a copy of nature

Sir Walter Scott Statue, National Museum Scotland

    Everything in art is but a copy of nature - Rob Roy - Sir Walter Scott. The landscape, social turmoil and the conditions which the people of Scotland lived in through its turbulent history were depicted in his historical series of Waverley novels and others.

    A new scenic rail route will be opened between Edinburgh Waverley Station and the Scottish Borders on September 6th and will take admirers of his work through some of the countryside that inspired  him.

    The village of Tweedbank is where visitors will alight and at the new visitors centre in Abbotsford, they can view exhibits and the home of the once Sheriff -Depute of Selkirkshire.
Inchmahome Priory, sits on an island on Lake Mentieth 
     The author of Ivanhoe and Rob Roy loved his country and I couldn't leave out some pictures of another haunt of his, Lake Menteith located in the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park. Inchmahome Priory on the lake has a colourful history and is linked to Scott's novel, A Legend of Montrose.

    In his art of writing, in my opinion he did copy both the beauty and the sometimes cruelty of nature.

Small Boat (left) can take you to the Island on the lake

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