Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tale of Life and Death

Visitor's Book including signature of Oscar Wilde

    We all know that Sir Walter Scott was a fantastic story teller and it doesn't matter how many years pass, his stories will live on and on. However, books that he had no hand in writing are an interesting read too; they are the visitors books at his home in the Scottish Borders, Abbotsford House.

Visitor's Book including signature of Charles Dickens

    They tell a tale of their own and they illustrate that he was admired by people from all over the world. Most importantly I think for any writer is that he was also respected by his peers. They are truly part of his book of life, or death as the case may be.  Many famous writers such as, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte visited his home after his death and I think that says it all.

Sir Walter Scott's death mask


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