Sunday, 15 May 2016

Life Isn't Perfect!

    Writing anything of substance has been difficult over the last few weeks, as I've been moving home. Yawn! Yes, I've told you this before.

    I've been living in my new home for over a week now and trying to get the whole house into some kind of order should be my priority. However, being a writer I'm a little biased and  the number one room on my priority list, is my office.

    Initially I had some Internet problems. Okay,  maybe I should rephrase that and admit I couldn't remember which box I had packed the modem in, the good news is I did eventually find it. So, Internet problem solved.

    Today , my bookcases have been put in situ and I've started to fill the shelves with some of my beloved books, dictionaries, bibles , and manuscripts. Hooray! I can start to work in ernest. Oh! I forgot my new desk hasn't arrived yet. C'est la vie, life isn't perfect.


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