Friday, 28 October 2016

Fills Me With Sadness

    Over the last few years I seem to have read about another library closing, at least once a month. This month was no different, information came to light that the Borough of Walsall, in England whose population exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand people (urban and rural areas) is proposing to close fifteen of its sixteen libraries, in order to save money.

    Public libraries have been providing the public with free access to information and literature since the mid-nineteenth-century (Public Libraries Act 1850) in the UK and now this facility is gradually disappearing from our towns and cities.

    Without libraries, many children and adults will not have the opportunity to read books and learn about things that they otherwise wouldn't. EDUCATION, EDUCATION. One of the reasons in which the Public Libraries Act was introduced extensively in the first place.

    My picture today is from an old book that I have in my collection, that was published back in 1910 by T.C. & E.C. Jack of Edinburgh. The page is promoting other publications by the same publisher and it makes me feel sad that many of our children in the future may not be able to access any literature old, or new.