Monday, 24 October 2016

Let's Talk

    Saturday, October 22nd, was 'International Stammering Awareness Day' and although the day has been and gone there's never a bad time to talk about stammering. The campaign itself wants to remove the stigma that is attached to stammering by talking openly about it. I personally stammered badly as a child and I therefore know that you are treated differently and sometimes very badly.

    The sad thing is that I wasn't any different from my friends and classmates, I just took a little longer than them to say what I had to say.  That doesn't mean I should have been bullied, mocked, or even dismissed as though what I had to say wasn't worth listening to.

    All that someone who stammers wants, is that they are listened to. Listened to in the same way as others are. Don't try to finish their words, or sentences, just be patient.

    I found that while some kids mocked, it was the adults that were apt to dismiss me. So, if the adults get it wrong what chance do the kids have? Therefore, education is key here and the only way we can remove this unjust stigma is to talk about it.




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