Friday, 7 April 2017

A Mountain to Climb

    Today, another page is written in our history books. We the readers know, who the major players and victims are; however, we cannot accurately guess, at what the ending might be. Because, unlike fiction there is no author to dictate as to how the story will end.

    We watch the millions of displaced people who find themselves in agonising circumstances, online, on TV and in our news feeds, as they try to escape from their abusers, every day.

    Watching a programme recently, filmed inside one of the refugee camps on the Turkish border, I couldn't help but be surprised at the resilience of these people.

    Former shop-keepers have set up stalls selling essentials, women go about the business of buying food to feed their families, the make-shift barber shops buzz with customers and the children play. The population make the best of what they have and the situation they find themselves in.

    They are not living in a materialistic world, they know they have a great mountain to climb; but above all they know that having their lives is a blessing.


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