Thursday, 10 August 2017

Celebrating Youth

Scottish Youth Hostel Association, Stirling

    While many countries celebrate their youths on various dates, the United Nations has recognised August 12th since 1999, as International Youth Day.

    Hostelling has been plauded by the young for a long time, because it's a cheap place for them to stay while back-packing their way around the world. Normally fairly basic accomodation, hostels are usually located near to the main tourist attractions.

    You might say that Stirling's youth hostel is no different, as it's located on the main access road to the castle, in the centre of the city. However, it is a hostel with a slight difference. On first look if there was no signage, it would be easy to believe that it was still a working church.

    Old gravestones are still dotted amongst the surrounding greenery of the Erskine Marykirk. As well as, the elaborate monument and tomb of the church's founder Reverend Ebeneezer Erskine. Looking down onto the tolbooth in St John Street, makes it most definitely an interesting place to stay. That's as long as you're not kept awake by the resident ghosts.

Stirling Tolbooth



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