Thursday, 7 September 2017

Incredible Journey

    This month I'm celebrating the fifth year of my blog and I really can't believe it. Four hundred and sixty-three posts on, I've learned lots and of course, I'm still learning every day. My early posts didn't contain any pictures and that was because I had no idea how to even insert them. At least I can manage to do that now. Although, I have to admit there have been a few hiccups along the way.

   In the early days I used to worry that no-one was going to read my blog, but now it's all about retaining the readers and increasing the number of visitors. That's why I believe it's very important to vary the content as much as I can. Something, that isn't always easy, however I do love writing my blog as much as I love writing books. Both can be challenging, still what would life be without challenges?

    Many of my popular posts can be found down the side-bar of my blog, of course there are too many to view and I've included a few more links below from over the years that I hope you will also enjoy as others have.

    I am now looking to show case other authors regularly, with a new Q &A feature. The first author to be featured is the wonderful indie author, writer of women's fiction Tina-Marie Miller. I am superbly excited by this, not just because it will be my first in this category, but because Tina-Marie is promising us a little teaser. I'm not going to say anymore, you'll be able to find out all about Tina-Marie by dropping by, September 24.

    I hope that I can show case others in the months to come, so if you're an author I follow on Facebook, or Twitter and you want to be featured, DM me and we can hopefully work together. There is no reason to be shy and the feature is free of charge.

    Over the last five years I've had an incredible journey. With a consistent, constantly increasing number of visitors to this site and three published books under my belt. A journey that I'm glad I bought the ticket for.

    A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT. A virtual hug is coming your way.

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