Friday, 29 September 2017

Rocking the Waves

    I can remember getting a battery operated, transistor radio for my ninth birthday. My two loves at that age were books and music. The gift of the radio meant that I could stick the little earphone in my ear and read in the solitude of my own bedroom, without disturbing the rest of the household.

    More importantly, when I was under the bed covers at night with my torch, reading a favourite book I could keep my music on and not 'give the game away' that I was still reading when I should have been asleep.

    How I loved listening to the pirate radio station, Radio Caroline that broadcasted from a ship off the British coast and Radio Luxembourg. The airwaves crackled and faded regularly, but that didn't matter. It was exciting and all part of being a little rebellious. Part of growing up.

    I still love listening to the radio while writing and reading, thankfully the sound no longer crackles and fades. However, on occasions I can be a little rebellious!


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