Sunday, 8 April 2018

Be awesome! Be a book Nut!

"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks"

    Children can be reluctant readers. Some boys and girls would rather tidy their bedroom than read. Em, give me a book anytime, over household chores. A new bookstore has recently opened in my local shopping mall and being a regular visitor, I love looking through all the books that are available for children, before I even check out the adult section.

    With the wide choice available both in bookstores and libraries (when you can find one), I can't really understand why any child wouldn't want to pick up a book, at whatever age.  But, the answer could be that a book is now rather alien to many children.

    When, Jennifer Bhambri-Lyte addressed an audience at the NUT (National Union of Teachers) conference in Brighton, England recently, she told the assemblage of how children are swiping pages of books to turn them.

    I believe that teaching a child to read is not solely the responsibility of the teacher at school, it's crucial in a child's development, therefore reading has to start in the home, as early as possible. If a child doesn't even know how to turn a page we have to question how their whole future will shape up.
'Be awesome! Be a book Nut!'
                                                           Dr Seuss


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