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Day 5: Stairway to the Stars contd

"You are looking at her. Meet my good friend Aurora Borealis. She is going to help us onward. It will all make sense, very soon. Please stay silent," says Nanuq.

Suddenly the colors in the sky seem to fold into each other, the separate beams merge, and form into a cloud like formation. It twists, turns, and swirls. It’s now bright green. OMG, the end of the spiraling cloud is coming down towards us.

Dan, help us,” pleads Si.

Beth is looking more than a little flabbergasted. For once she doesn’t speak in unison with her brother.

There is nothing to be afraid of, Aurora is ready, she will take us to the Land of Shadows,” says Nanuq.

The green cloud has stopped swirling, and is now stationary above us. If I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. There are stairs coming down out of the green cloud and they’re made out of stars.

We three amigos gasp. I mean around here an Aurora Borealis can be seen on a regular basis, but never with stairs coming out of it.

"We must climb the stairs Aurora has kindly provided. They will take us to the Land of Shadows," says Nanuq in a booming voice.

"Kids are you sure you want to do this? I can go on my own," I say, looking at Si and Beth. The two kids look absolutely terrified. Thank goodness you can't see me, because I probably look terrified too.

"Dan, thanks but we're both coming along," says Beth, taking hold of her brother's hand. She outstretches her free hand towards me. I smile and take hold of it.

"Okay, Nanuq. Lead the way; we're ready," I say.

"There are many steps to climb and as many to descend, but once you step onto the ground, you will be in the Land of Shadows. Then I will take you to meet another good friend of mine, he has made arrangements for your forward journey."

"Will you be coming with us all the way Nanuq?" I ask. I release myself from Beth's tight grip. She looks at me with those big ebony eyes. Whoa. Back to business, I stand in between them. Not her eyes nitwit. I stand in between the two siblings, and I take both of them by the hand. I can feel a surge of strength leave me, and push into Si and Beth. I’m hopeful that it will give them the power both emotionally, and physically to carry on.

"I'm afraid I cannot travel with you beyond the house of the gatekeeper. If I did I would never be able to return to Earth. But you will be safe in the hands' of the gatekeeper."

"We understand. Lead the way then, Nanuq," I say. I squeeze each of my friends hands. Si gives my hand a big squeeze back, but loosens his grip slightly on my hand.

We have a bromance but we're just not serious yet. Ha, ha.

Alternatively Beth is holding my hand so tight that I'm struggling to keep my particles together. "We can take one step at a time together guys, and if you want to turn back at any time, you can. Okay?"

"Okay, but I won't," says Si.

"And I won't either," says Beth. 
Nanuq, makes a big roaring sound, I'm not worried though. His demeanor tells me that he's happy not angry. But nevertheless, Beth flinches. I can feel her arm stiffen. I gently pull it towards me, to reassure her. She turns her head towards me, she smiles sweetly, and her arm relaxes.

Our spirit guide starts to ascend the stairs and we three amigos follow on; the stairs sparkle below our feet. I'm determined not to look down, in case I get a severe attack of vertigo. I suggest you don't either, unless you fancy falling down, plop, into the great void below. I would just float of course, like one of the little white feather's that molt frequently from angels wing’s.

You've bound to have noticed them, as they glide effortlessly through the air to the ground. You didn't think the white feather that you saw the other week came from a bird did you? Duh.

Okay, I won't describe a feather floating in a flowery way again, for the moment anyway. The stairs are very steep, and they seem to go on and on for ever; we're now inside the aurora borealis. The colors around us continue to change all the time.

"Dan do you have any idea what we're going to find when we get there?" asks Si.

"I'm sorry Si. At present I know as much as you do. But we're in this together, all three of us." 
Si, nods his head, and Beth squeezes my hand again. I could get used to Beth doing that on a regular basis. I mean on a professional basis only, not that I would entertain her stroking my hand romantically. Hold your loose-tongue.

Nanuq stops ahead of us, he's panting heavily. He needs to go down the gym.

"Don't worry my children, I'm going to disappear from your sight. But you will see me when you step onto this top step." Nanuq shouts his words to be heard over the loud whistling noise that can be heard. "The whistling noise you hear. Are the winds of change. Do not fear." Nanuq drops out of our sight.

"Come on, it won't be long." I encourage my friends.

We reach the topmost step, and we see Nanuq is descending slowly. He turns round, and lets out one of those big roars again. Si, and Beth both sigh. Are you being silly again? They're not both called Si, or sigh for that matter. Forget it, the two kids probably exhale air with relief, in seeing that Nanuq hasn't vanished into thin air, and left us on our lonesome.  
We start to go down the steps after him. I can't see where they stop at present. I'll tell you when I can. You're very impatient. I'm the guy it's doing the physical activity here, whilst you're lying in bed, lying on a beach, or driving a car. Oh you can't read when you drive a car. Okay, you’re sitting in class. Whoa, you can't read me there either. Put me away and get on with the lesson. I jest. You’re not as irresponsible as that. You’re a good kid, my best friend. Puuuke.

Hey we’re descending these steps much quicker than we climbed them.

Look kids, we’re nearly there,” I say.

Thank goodness,” say Si and Beth in unison.

One more, and we’ll be back on terra firma,” I tighten my grip on both of their hands. Beth’s hand is surprisingly unresponsive, but Si responds by clasping my hand firmly. We’ve stepped off the staircase, my legs are aching. Aurora could sure be doing with converting the stairway into an escalator. We walk forward to join Nanuq.

Welcome to the Land of Shadows my children,” says Nanuq. “We will rest for a while, and then you will meet with the gatekeeper.” He bounds forward like a spring lamb. I don’t know where he’s got his energy from. But I’ll have a bottle of whatever he’s having. I let go of the hand’s of Si and Beth. The two of them are standing with there mouths wide open. I look around; yeah, I can see why they’re gawping. This place is lush, and green; not a bit of snow in sight. Oh, and I should tell you that it’s no longer dark. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky. I don’t know if they were expecting it to look like Tuk. Who knows?

The Wind of Change begins to whistle even louder than it was doing before.

Safe journey, my children. When you are ready to return home, I will be here.” A woman’s voice comes from behind us. We all turn around, and standing on the bottom step of the staircase is a very beautiful woman. She’s not a kid, but a woman. She’s very petite, dressed in a silver off the shoulder long gown, and her long hair is being swept back away from her goorgeous face by the Wind of change. Even weirder, is that her hair keeps changing color. It’s an awesome spectacle. “Safe journey Nanuq.”

Nanuq stops in his tracks, and turns around. “Goodbye, Aurora my beauty,” says Nanuq. The old smoothy. Aurora waves, and she slowly evaporates into a multicolored mist that matches the bands that make up the twisting, turning Borealis.

She’s gone. She’s merged into the cloud, which is now levitating above ground. The stars that made up the stairway have started to disperse, and are scattering themselves throughout the Borealis. The wind is now blowing hard. The Borealis moves away, away, and it’s gone. The Wind of Change, stops whistling and there is now no wind blowing at all.

Come children time to rest.” Nanuq walks on, and the three of us look at each other, bamboozled, that’s us. Listen I’ve got a bit of thinking to do. Can we catch up later? Great. See you, don’t want to be you. Ha, ha. 

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