Thursday, 25 July 2013

It's All About the Cambridge Boy

Linlithgow Palace designed by Master James of St George
    When the news arrived on Monday, that the Duchess of Cambridge had safely delivered the UK and Commonwealth with a new Prince and future King, the crowds cheered.

    Within 24 hours of his arrival the proud parents, Prince William and Katherine stood on the steps of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London and introduced their beautiful son to the awaiting media and well wishers.

    But, now that the sex of the child was known, the name was anxiously anticipated by all. However, William and Kate, as Katherine is better known, didn't leave it too long before they set the record straight. The young Prince of Cambridge was to be named George, Alexander, Louis.

   So in keeping with the royal theme today, I've listed writers with the same, or variant forms of the three chosen christian names of the newborn Prince.

    George, meaning a farmer, worker of the land.
  • George Elliot. UK novelist and short story writer.
  • George Orwell. UK novelist, poet and essayist.
  • George Bowering. Canadian poet.
  • George Farquhar. Irish playwright.
  • George S Kaufman. US playwright and critic. 
  • George Kelly. US playwright.
  • George Bernard Shaw. Irish playwright, essayist and critic.
  • George Meredith. UK novelist and poet.  
  • George Seferis. Greek poet, essayist and critic.
  • George Oppen. US poet.    
    Alexander, meaning a helper of men.
  • Alexander Pope. UK poet, critic and satirist.
  • Aleksandr Pushkin. Russian novelist and poet.
  • Alexandre Dumas. French playwright and novelist.
  • Alejo Carpenter. Cuban journalist and novelist.
  • Aleksandr Blok. Russian poet.
  • Alex Haley. US novelist.
  • A.A Milne. UK children's writer and playwright. (Alan, Alexander)
  • Alessandro Manzoni. Italian poet and novelist.
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Russian novelist.
  • Alexei Tolstoy. Russian novelist and playwright.

    Louis, meaning brave in battle.
  • Jorge Luis Borges. Argentinian, writer and poet.
  • Ludovico Ariosto. Italian poet and playwright.
  • Louis L'Amour. US novelist.
  • Louis Auchincloss. US novelist and short story writer.
  • Louis Bromfield. US novelist, playwright and short story writer.
  • Lewis Carroll. UK children's writer.
  • Louis MacNeice. Irish novelist, playwright and poet.
  • Luigi Pirandello. Italian playwright, novelist and poet.
  • Robert Louis Stevenson. UK essayist,novelist and short story writer.
  • Louis Simpson. Jamaican born, US novelist and poet.    
    If this young  heir can leave the legacy that the above writers all have, his parents chest's will be bursting with pride even more.


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